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U B E R C O M P U T E R3000 T U R B O!

W.I.P , gonna do a texture soon :P ... going to attempt to introduce the same amount of high ferdility into a painterly style as whats in most AAA games, so, diffuse maps, specular maps, illumination maps and normal maps...


Some more pixel art practice, ISOMETRIC!


Some pixel dudes :P

Demon register


Mignola style FTW!, with a bit of my stuff :P

Tom Sparks desert concepts


Tom Sparks Props

Some props for Tom Sparks.

Tom Sparks sketch compilations

More Tom Sparks stuffs :P a compilation of sketches.

TOM SPARKS environment and gun arts

Some arts for Tom Sparks Game..

60's/80's Girl WIP

Some WIP, I don't draw dem honnies enough :P

Gorilla Demon

Quick sketch of something that was in my head, dunno if Gorilla Demon or Demon Yeti?

Hellboy Comicon Challenge 2014 WIP


So, here is my WIP of hellboy for the 2014 Comicon Challenge, Ill keep this post updated with more as i go along :P LINK

The Knight of Lazer Light

Well, i was gonna draw more of the Neo 80's Biker dude, but saw he had no face O.o So i did this portrait of him :P

Monster Nazis


Monster Nazis... line and shaded wish a WIP gif!

Dr. Thodt Final

well... here is the colour version :P

Monster of Nails

some sort of quick sketch

Wooden Gateway

A seriously delayed Halloween pic 

Red Faerie

Something I did inspired by a bit of Art Nouveau :P

Ruin01 Test Scene

just a test for some new work flow stuff using duel uv sets for Unity (this model doesnt use 2 uv sets because i dont think Sketchfab can use more than one) :P   

This model is quite high, i haven't optimised it yet...

The Gold of Mars WIP

current  work in progress.. doing some more environment stuff 

Neo 80s Biker

this is thew first iv tried in this sort of style :P (Warner Bros Animation) ..but themed to a Neo 80s sci fi? Going to try more of this hopefully get better :P

Neon Shadow Planet concepts

some neon shadow planet concepts...

Neon Shadow Models and Textures this is the gun models with there textures form Neon Shadow :P

desktops and stuff

...heres a desktop  for Neon Shdow  :)
...and was playing around with our companys logo :P

Neon Shadow doodles

Neon Shadow Post production doodles and thumbs...


a ravens face with some fancy chromatic distortion

something for my lady...

a pretty picture for my women :P ...sooo  PINK!

Substrata thingies

Some creatures i designed.. maybe give it in for substrata...

Neon Shadow bits :P

..a few bits of concepts for a new inhouse project called Neon Shadow.. LINK!